Share to Make app on my phone

Hi, I intend to do this:

  1. I select a post on tweeter/X
  2. get text and medias from that post
  3. modify the text
  4. upload text and medias (if there are) to my facebook page

I installed the make app on my phone. I see that I can share a tweet from twitter to the app. But I don’t know, what happens then.

What scenario would you suggest to achieve what I intend to do ?

Hi @Pamela1,

There is an interesting template here, it is almost similar to your problem.




Thanks, but it looks like I can’t access to it, I’m on If I click your link I get back to my organization page on eu1 :confused:

@Philippe_Billet how can I see the template you mentioned ?

Hi @Pamela1 ,

Maybe it only works on a computer, sorry, I do not use Make on my phone.


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Hello @Pamela1 :blob_wave:

I believe the template @Philippe_Billet is mentioning can be accessed from your Make account over here.

You can also check it out over here. This page does not require for you to be logged in to Make.

Hopefully, one of the links will allow you to access the template :crossed_fingers:


Second link worked. But it does not give me much hints about what I intend to do.
There are two specific tasks I would like to achieve:

  1. provide a link to a tweet somewhere (on telegram, in a google sheet row, … whatever) and get medias and full text from the specified tweet.
  2. get a text from a module, be able to edit it, and send it to other module.