Sharing post from FB in to FB Groups


I have a social media scenario where I publish one post per day on my Facebook page.
This post is located in Airtable and is shared by the Buffer app. Then Airtable is updated with some flag (true/false) after publishing.

My question is. How to Build automation process (by any app) which gives me permission to share created posts from my FB Page into my groups where I’m just a member ( by company or person).

I know are a few ways but just when I will have Admin permission for each FB group. Which is impossible.
So I looking for a simple solution which I do regulary by the manual process after the post was created on my FB Page:
Step 1: Login into Facebook Page
Step 2: Select “Share to a group”
Step 3: Select “Share as a FB Page”
Step 4: Select a group from my list
Step 5 : add some comments
Step 6: Post

These steps kill my 2-3 hours when I want to share one post a day.

I will be grateful for any solution which will help me save my time.

Hi @Robert,
I haven’t done your entire process but your challenge is to post something into a group? Or is it more specifically to share a certain post?
Have you tried the “Facebook Groups” Module?


This is not possible. Facebook doesn’t allows group members to post into groups through their api. You need to own the group to post into it. This eliminates spam.

@alex.newpath I thought the same but tried it yesterday and just now again. I am able to post into the Integromat Community group. Not sure if Facebook removes it but make post was there :smiley:

Well that’s new. I’ll try it with one of the groups I am in and report back.


On my group I am part of I cannot post as a Page even though the page is a member of the group.

Posting as a User (a regular member of the group) I get this error


(#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group, and \ either publish_to_groups permission with user token, or both pages_read_engagement \ and pages_manage_posts permission with page token; If posting to a page, \ requires both pages_read_engagement and pages_manage_posts as an admin with \ sufficient administrative permission (200, OAuthException)

On the Integromat Group, I have these rights and can post without problem. So depending on the group permissions you may or may NOT have the rights to automate postings.


Hi Richard

I try first to find the best solution for posting in to group as my business page. Then the next step will be to watch my Fan page for new posts and post to the selected group.

But currently, I stack in point 1

@alex.newpath thanks for really looking into it.

@Robert give it a try and see if the options are enabled or not. If they are not, there is probably not a lot that you can do. You might be able to prepare the text and everything in GoogleSheets/Airtable and then just post it, but besides that I guess there is not solution.

Hi I have airtable social media post which working well , by postinig daily in to my Facebook page from airtable , by Buffer in to facebook Page. I just think how to automate publishing this post in to group :slight_smile:

  1. watch my facebook page for new posts, get post ID and try to share to facebook group (no idea howto get post id, and which tool used for publishing)
  2. Post in to facebook page ans saved post_ib in to airtable and reused in future ?
    When I try to watch my post by Facebook page watch , then i getting old posts (from 2 years in past, no idea why ?)

Any of you have any idea or solution ?
Maybe creating Facebook Graph API will be some solution ?

Not sure if you are aware of this method but i guess this article of mine can be helpful…

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@Princy Thank you.
For sure will be good for improve my skills :slight_smile:

I wanted to repost my FB page post to some groups.
I have got exactly the same error. :frowning:
Can somebody help, please to solve it?

Are you the administrator of these groups? You cannot post to groups on Facebook that you are just a member of, you must be an admin with privileges to post.

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