Sheet on FTP to JSON

Hi, I’m completely new to make and I’m struggling to test a client scenario.
They have a sFTP where a new file (excel sheet) is added every single hour.
I need to get that file and transform the data into json.

So I need to watch files in a folder and every time a new file was uploaded I need to get the content and create a json.

So far I just managed the first step - to watch the ftp. But now I have no glue to access the data of the file.

In the end I need a json that look like this
“training”:“Training 1”,
“completion date”:“27.10.2022”
“training”:“Training 2”,
“completion date”:“30.10.2022”
Thanks in advance!

Use the parse csv and the transform json modules.

Thanks for the hint. My biggest problem is the step between watching the file and parse it. I need to watch for new files but then I need any kind of operator to be able to actually access the data of the file to work with it. I guess as soon as I get the data out of the file, it will be easier to play around.

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