Shopify Automation Suggestions

Hey everyone, I’m working on a course that teaches how to automate Shopify processes with

If anyone has suggestions for workflows that would be helpful to automate, please let me know!

For example:

  1. Tag customers as VIPs when they spend a specific amount.
  2. Receive email notifications and adjust pricing when product quantity falls below a certain threshold.
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How would this differ from the built in flow module for shopify?

On a separate issue, since you are a guru in this area, do you know how to look for new or changed orders? It seems to look for all orders. The New Order Watch doesn’t work for me in many cases because the due date, which is key to my filter, is often added shortly after the order is created from a shopify perspective so that when the new order scenario is run, the date doesn’t yet exist.

@mchinsky Search for “New Event” in the Shopify Module and then create a webhook.

Then select the event you want to “watch”

In your case you would select orders/create, then in another automation you could set up the orders/update.

Or you can create these webhooks directly with Shopify’ss API and assign them both to the same Webhook