Shopify - Xero, part fulfilled orders


I’ve created a flow to create an invoice on Xero for unpaid but fulfilled orders in Shopify.

I want to create an invoice every time part of the order is fulfilled if it hasn’t been completed in one go

Do I need different flows? One for each fulfilment status?

And how do I bill the shipping in Xero (if there is any) but make sure its only on the first invoice?

Hi there,

To create an invoice every time part of the order is fulfilled, you can use the ‘Create an Invoice’ module in Make. You don’t need different flows for each fulfilment status. Instead, you can use conditions in your flow to check if the order has been fully fulfilled or partially fulfilled.

To bill the shipping in Xero, you can add a line item for shipping in the invoice. However, to ensure that the shipping is only included in the first invoice, you can use a variable to keep track of whether the shipping has been billed or not.
If the variable is false, you can add the shipping line item to the invoice and set the variable to true. If the variable is true, you can skip adding the shipping line item.

Hope this points you in the right direction. :slight_smile: