Shotstack Stitch Data Bundle

Hey All,

I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. I’m quite now to, love it, but still getting my head around some of the detail.

I’m creating a scenario to create videos using shotstack and have successfully got it looping through creating a number of scenes using “render” which saves the videos to a Google Drive. Now I need to stitch the scenes together using shotstack “stitch” and have two questions:

  1. Scenes Variable / Array
    I have a list of URL’s that are the scenes I want to “stitch” together and in the loop that creates each scene sequentially, I can write the URL for each one to an array or a JSON blob. When I exit the loop and process the next leg on the router, its not possible to map the array to the “stitch” function as the variable, array or JSON blob doesnt appear in the mapping options. Its as though the variable isnt avaiable outside of the loop.

  2. Shotstack “Stitch” bundle format
    I can manually define URL’s in the stitch function and everything works fine. If I create a JSON array and try to dynamically define the URL’s of the video’s to stitch together and then mapping that to the input of the function, I get an error from the “stitch” function that states that theres no content in the array. This seems like the function is expecting a specific array structure however I cannot find it defined anywhere.

If anyone else has any experience or examples with Shotstack “stitch” your guidance and advice would be much appreciated.