Simple filter : Check if the content is Not null

Hello community,

i want my scenario be processed only if a given field, retrieved from google sheets, is filled out (is not null). I tried to use the basic operator EXIST. But this operator is not appropriate in this case, since it verifies the existence of the field, but not its content. What operator should I use to ensure that the field content is not empty?

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Did you test it? I believe the “exists” checks if content exists.

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Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I checked. Without success. The scenario was processed every time.
I checked the filtering also with completely different settings, just to be sure, i did it right. And this went fine. I just don’t know how to check if a field has some text content.

Hi @yuwang

Please try with “Not equal to (case in sensitive)” null.
If the data is in content and have null as text then it will work.
If the data is stored in the content null as text, this approach should yield the desired results.
Please share a loom about the issue, so we can analyze it further.

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Thank you for the answer. I think, the filtering doesn’t recognize the keyword NULL. But i found the solution. Sdonn is right (use the basic operator EXISTS). Why it’s doesn’t worked for me at first ? It seems that the “Google Sheets Watch changes module” could retrieve not only the actual value of my field, but also his old value. Maybe i did something wrong, but in any case, that’s how he behaves. So even if the actual value was empty, and the old value was “OLDVALUE”, the filtering was not effective, (since the field has still a value). I put the filter on another module. Problem solved.