Simplest way to set up a Stripe checkout?

Hi, I’m new at this. I’d like to create a Softr/Airtable/Stripe scenario where the user clicks a button to retrieve an Airtable record (user email, amount) - this part I have working. Next I want to open a Stripe checkout to allow the user to pay that amount by card. I don’t really want to create an invoice - just want them to pay or cancel (leaving no unpaid invoice).

However I cannot see a make action in the Stripe module to create a checkout session. Any advice? Should I be using ‘Create a payment intent’? According to the Stripe documentation there is an API for create checkout, and I was expecting to see it available in Make. If somebody could point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

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I figured this out in the end. If it’s useful for others, I used the Stripe (Make an API call) action with URL: “v1/checkout/sessions” method POST

I passed in the payment_intent_data and line_item price_data, so I did not need to create products or prices in advance. It returned the checkout session URL and I was able to successfully complete a test payment.

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Heya @Learning_Make welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome that you managed to figure this out on your own! Keep up the great work :muscle:

Also, thanks a lot for stepping back into the community and sharing your solution with us. We truly appreciate that because - and you said so yourself - this could be super helpful for someone in the future :pray:

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