Skipping a module based on a condition

I am iterating through a list of invoice lines (module 38) some of which make have an array of options inside them so I am checking if that array is longer than zero elements I’m going down the first path. Inside that path I am aggregating all the options as a single sting of text and setting that as a variable.
Now when I go down the 3rd path, I am using the get variable module to read the contents of the variable so I can use it in the following aggregator (module 40). The issue is the Get Variable module runs for all lines and I can’t make it conditional based on if the variable has anything in it. It just adds an unnecessary operation to my bill for a line that has no options. Is there a better way of doing this, like skipping this operation if the variable is empty?

I don’t think it’s possible to skip modules in an Iterator-Aggregator loop.

You’ll need to figure out some way of manipulating the data before you iterate the array.


Hi @Amir_Shahi
You can apply a filter in the 3rd link
If variable exist

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