Slack error 200

I want to send a user a private Slack message when a scenario runs. I search the user based on email address in one step, then use the UserID to send the message in another step. The scenario had been working perfectly, but now I am getting Error: channel_not_found (200). I have checked the connection and it is verified connected. I am using a bot user, though this has not changed since it was working previously!

What gives?

I figured it out. I have more than one Slack workspace and somehow I had authorised the Bot into the wrong workspace :man_facepalming:

Fixed it now!


Hello there @Mike_Randall welcome to the community :wave:

Brilliant to see that you managed to figure this out on your own :clap: Thanks a lot for stepping back in and sharing your update with the community. We totally appreciate it :blush:

Just FYI: I am marking your reply as a solution so that folks who are searching for similar info know where to look :white_check_mark: