Specify the language in "Youtube - Watch Videos by Search"

Good morning,

I use YouTube’s “Watch Videos by Search” module.
But when I do a word search, I have videos in all languages ​​(mainly in English).
I would like to know if there is a method to only have French videos?

Thanks in advance

Is there something about the video data that distinguishes it as French?

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Unfortunately not outside the title language but it becomes very complicated to determine a language from a title.

Normally when you search for a word, YouTube always returns the result according to the user’s language. Make’s module seems to make the request by indicating English as a language, suddenly all the answers are in English. And I don’t have the impression that Make made him paramedible. :cry:

What if your search phrase is in French rather than English? I would think you’d get French videos then.

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Thank you for your time. The problem is that there are a lot of French words that are also English.
And unfortunately the words I’m looking for are: youtubeur, freelance, entrepreneur.
So for the moment I’m adding an exclusively French word ‘le’ (=the).
So when I search for “entrepreneur le”, I find more French answers, but it’s not perfect.
Thanks in any case for your answers