Speech to Text (Google or Whisper API)

Hello all,

I am currently looking for a solution to convert speech to text, however there is no pre-built app from Google and OpenAI. Does anyone have a solution on how to link them via the API?

Hope you can help me!

You can use the HTTP module to Make a Request to OpenAI for Transcriptions. What you want to do is,

  1. Download the Audio File
  2. Make a Request to OpenAI with the following configuration

Please find the attached blueprint if you want to test it out.

blueprint (32).json (14.4 KB)

Hi guys, I used the exact same method but whisper returns me an “invalid file format” and I get the following error :

Could you help me solve this out please? My file is a .m4a which should work in theory.

I craved to find some way to connect Make to Whisper and you showed me the way! Thanks for that.