Split one string into multiple variables

Hi people,

I hope you can help me. I am a newbi @ make.

I have made an JSON action as feedback of that action I get a string like this:

{“Records”:[{“ContextID”:“ExternalID1”,“ID”:843}],“Status”:“Success”,“Message”:“Records successfully processed”}

I want to isolate 843 (The ID). And make it a new variable for the next step.

Can I do that and how?

Hi, can you please show me the output of the module?


Hi Karim, thanks for reaching out.
This is the output

Hi, select the parse json option in the http module and you should be able to get the value in the next module


In your HTTP module settings “Parse response” field, select “YES” (it is “No” by default)


This will allow you to map the response collection properties (variables) in subsequent modules.


@samliew, thanks very much… Live is very easy (at least) sometimes. This works great.
@Gragamel-Pow, thanks for your help as well