Splitting a String into Usable Parts

I’ve got a simple address and i’m trying to split it up into referrable parts in further modules.
Eg. “11500 NW 8th St, Syracuse, KS 67878 US”

I am needing this to be split as so:

Street: “11500 NW 8th St”
City: “Syracuse”
State: “KS”
Zip: “67878”
Country: “US”

I’ve tried doing a bunch of splits and such, and have successfully gotten the items into an array with each piece, but I can’t refer to each of these things individually in later steps. It just shows the bundle to me as one array still.

{{remove(merge(add(split(2.13; “,”)); add(split(last(split(2.13; “,”)); space))); last(split(2.13; “,”)))}}

Screenshot 2023-05-16 163412

Screenshot 2023-05-16 163500

Hi @Tyler_H,

Since the resultant address is an array, it won’t be rendered on Make mapping. However, you can access it via index or get function.


Thank you @Runcorn,

I’ll try this, but do you also recommend a good way to test out a multiple module process with test data, without running the full scenario? I want to pass an address through (I can paste it, that’s fine) and then have 2 or 3 modules run in a row, like an isolated test in a 20-module scenario.

You can do that, Just Copy the module you want in the same scenario, drag the start icon from the module to the splitted one and just run that, or if you want to run the single module, you can right click the module and then choose run this module only.

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