Startup Help for a Not for Profit

Hi there,

I don’t suppose there is a kindly person out there who might spare me an hour of their time to help me get started with MAKE? Mainly with SQL and Xero work.

I am the Director of a not for profit in the UK, and was looking to try and make our small organisation become more efficient!




I would, with pleasure, but I have no SQL (in the context of Make/Integromat) or Xero knowledge.
I’m also still on Integromat.

Where are you stuck?

PS : I’m in Johannesburg and on a similar time zone. and if you are happy doing something after hours, I’m happy to jump onto Zoom/Meet and see if I can help. Feel free to email me to organise this (

~Hi Brettlewis,

Many thanks for your kind offer. I do have someone who has already replied who is willing to help and is in the UK.

Also I have had a good week setting up and running some operations, and am feeling much more confident with it.

But thanks again for your offer.

Best wishes

Great! I’m glad you found someone.

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