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Hi Everyone,

I am building a hiring request centre in sheets. I have set up a scenario where the typeform answers for hiring request are mapped into sheets. They populate the request centre. This is how the sheet looks like:

This is the worfklow set up - request submitted through typeform, email for approval sent to the ceo, and sheet is populated:

Once the CEO replies in the email thread with approved, we update the status column in the sheet to approved. Now when this happens I want an email to be sent to the requestor email that is in column B and add a timestamp of status update (when it is approved - can also be the timestamp of when email is sent) in column O.
Simultaneously I want that row to move from the request centre sheet to approved sheet in the same spreadsheet. What will the workflow for this look like. Need help

Hi @maryam.athar,

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It seems like the first scenario (in your screenshot) is set up OK. Based on the rest of your request, additional scenario’s seem necessary. For example:

  • A scenario that listens for emails that are approved, so that you can process the result in the Google Sheet.
  • A scenario that listens for status updates of the approved column in Google Sheets that sends and email to the requester.
  • A scenario that moves approved rows from the request sheet to the approved sheet whenever all previous scenario’s have run.

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