Struggling to create a tweet using openai module output

I’m struggling to create a tweet using the OpenAI module’s output. I keep encountering the same error message: ‘Missing value of the required parameter “text”.’ I’ve tried connecting to different intermediate modules and also shortening the content to match the character limit, but I can’t seem to fix this error. I’ve tested a simple scenario where the tweet is fed from a single module, and that works. Could the complexity of the module be the issue? Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

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A common issue with the Twitter module is you are using too many hashtags.

Make sure you aren’t using too many hashtags. Try removing hashtags to see if you can publish first.


Your output from module #11 is an array. So when you put the content text into the twitter module you need to identify which element in the array you wish to insert. Put a number inside the [ and ] on the variable inside the twitter configuration. This number should specify which element in the array contains the text you wish to insert. You can find this by looking at the output bundle of module 11 when it runs.


I think that’s fine. That retrieves the first item in the OpenAI output.

The issue is likely to be something else within that variable.


I’m having the same exact issue. No matter what I try I can’t pass the output from the OpenAI module to the Twitter module. I’ve even tried an in between text parser module and no success. Anyone figure this out yet?

I have also tested with static data, a simple hello world and that was successful through the Twitter module.

This did not work for me. I had the OpenAI module create a tweet with no hashtags and still no success consuming it from the Twitter module.

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