Stuck on aggregating text from a data store

I am trying to get the sales in a data store to print into a single email, but I’ve been struggling with the use of array and text aggregators. I’ve been able to make these work in the past so I’m not not sure what’s different about this scenario.

I’ll attach the existing scenario here, but also here is a one minute video walk-through of what I’m trying to accomplish: Sam’s video 🗺

blueprint (3).json (12.5 KB)

Any help is much appreciated!

Here is a way to do it. This does not format the text at all and will give it to you in one line. You need to use HTML tags to format it but using text aggregators makes this easier.
blueprint (16).json (22.0 KB)

  1. Get values from data store:

  2. Aggregate text make sure you do the route without the gmail send email first so we can set the variable to call back

  3. Set variable:

  4. Aggregate on other data

  5. Get the variable we set

  6. send email (set your values as needed)

This is very helpful, thank you! I was able to get it to work with one of the 6 categories, but was not able to “see” any variable other than the one you setup (health) from the gmail module.

Here’s what I mean: Sam’s video 🏕

And here’s the blueprint:
blueprint (4).json (29.6 KB)

Makes sense, you need to set the variable in separate branches.

Then get them in the main path (where the gmail module is) this is to call the variable back, just as I did in the example above.

Hey @NewMaker

I have updated your workflow and attached the blueprint below. Please use that and update the variable names accordingly you receive from your data store output.

blueprint (22).json (13.0 KB)

I would like to know what is your source of data coming through in data store. Maybe you can skip the data store step.


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