Switch case weird execution

I have a strange thing in a simple switch tool.

I have a numbers as input. I have to compare it, because I have 3 cases: less than 90, [90-120] and greater than 120.

The module gives right case in logs, but I always get isElse=true. I’ve tried to make parseNumber, I’ve tried some other math formulas.

The thing is that switch shows right pattern, but also gives Else Output as a result. I have no idea why. And I don’t want to use Router with filters.

See screenshots, that is the case with 56 as input.

CleanShot 2024-01-14 at 00.46.04@2x

Even if I add the 3rd case that number is >=90 and <= 120 — that means that Else never occurs, I still have Else Output

Hey @khabaroff,

I think the switch module works a little different from what you think.

Your input is „56“

This module then checks: „is input = pattern?“

In your example your pattern „56 < 90“ comes out as „true“.
Is 56=true? No it’s not.

What you would need to do is the following.

If(Total>120;“greater than 120“; if(Total <90;“smaller than 90“; „in between“))

Into the switch-cases (patterns) you now write

  • „greater than 120“
  • „smaller than 90“
  • „in between“

And the corresponding output.

This way it should work :slight_smile:

I hope it helps!



Thank you for your reply! I will try, it makes sense now.

I thought that something in pattern :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I asked ChatGPT to make an regexp pattern for searching numbers as expressions, haha