Tally form submission to webhook response - its possible?

I have a question, from tally form I can redirect users to a link after filling out the form…

Is it possible to forward to the tally trigger webhook and make a webhook response depending on their answers? help please, thanks.

Hi! Yes, that’s generally possible but you’ll need to use two scenarios.

  1. scenario collects the submissions data and stores it somewhere

  2. scenario is your „redirect on completion“. You start with a webhook, then sleep and try to lookup the saved values from the first scenario. Once you get the results, you can forward the respondent using the webhook response :slight_smile:

It’s generally not the fastest way like that but I’m not sure if there is another way using Nocode :thinking:


hi @Richard_Johannes Thanks, I have a question… In this solution: how do you ensure that the user does not lose the connection with make once the form is filled out?

I mean, if I send the user to the tally webhook in make, the automatic response message is (accepted), from then on the connection with make would be lost.

If I point the form to the tally webhook (acid instant) module, there is no way to edit this webhook.

Tally module / data storage / webhook response (I have tried this alternative and it does not work)


you don’t use the tally module to redirect the user. You use a general webhook module, search for the response (saved somewhere) and once you find it, you send a webhook response. :slight_smile:


hi @Richard_Johannes I have tried this alternative and it does not work

That’s how it should work and how it was working for me in the past / is still running. :confused:

I’m sorry, but sadly I don’t know why it does not work :confused:

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