Text Aggregation of multiple Operations

This scenario starts with a webhook delivering an array of varying sizes (product line items), I then use the iterator to loop a spreadsheet look-up of URLs (COA PDFs), but it completes with 2 operations.
I am having a hard time getting the text aggregator to loop all these URLs into 1 variable separated by a coma. I have looked up all the videos, the documentation, and several other community posts on Iterators, Array Aggregators, JSON Parsing, and the like, but I am stumped.

Hi. Have tried it using the text aggregator like this? the results is the iterator separed by comma:

Note: the json parse in example is only to simulate your iterator



Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:


Hey thanks for the reply! I gave this a shot and it has the same effect as the last attempt, I still have the 2 operations, that I need to be combined into one string, so each operation has a URL output. See Screenshot results of the suggested Text Agg.

I re worked my scenario and realized my problem was handling it as an array and using your help I structured my original query to sheets so that it returned bundles not operations. I then Text aggregated those results and was finally able to get my URL the way I needed. Thank you!

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