Text in file without extension, Norwegian vowels show as questionmark-icons


I’ve created a scenario that works as intended, except the Norwegian vowels in the file that typically has them shows as questionmark-icons when I use the Text Parser module. I want the letters Æ, æ, Ø, ø, Å, and å to come through. The file has no extension.

I get the same result whether or not I use toString(3.Data), by the way. I’d appreciate your thoughts on how to approach this.

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I figured out that the encoding of the file I’m getting is ANSI (which is WIndows 1252), so when I used the Tools module to convert encoding, I set it to UTF-8 and my problem was solved.

Hello there @Charle_Remen welcome to the community :wave:

Brilliant to hear that you managed to figure this out on your own! Awesome work and thanks a lot for stepping back in here and sharing your solution with the community. We 100% appreciate it :pray:

Keep up the great work :muscle:

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