Text Parser (Regex only Alphanumerical)

Hi. The text parser is giving me problems…I’m trying to remove everything except commas, letters or numbers.
I have tried using this: /\W+/g in the Pattern Field. New Value is an empty space.

I understand there has to be a capture group…though not familiar with it…I just wrap the above with ()

Thanks for your help.

HI Mike, can you give an example string of text please?

And the expression being used. You don’t need /g

You can test in regex101.

this is the text example: Blackalicious!,f-909,f909,Fillmore,Lisa Eng

Would it be: (/\W+)

It would not. See the link below that explains what your Regex is actually doing. This is the ONLY way to learn regular expressions. Guessing won’t work. Only learning the way of the Regular Expressions.

That just gets you the characters you don’t want. You want to negate that and grab what you do.

In the words of Yoda:

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Young padawan, I will give you this one for free:

When searching for a specific set of patterns use the [] as a way to define the specific scope of characters you wish to grab, effectively eliminating the ones not inside the [].

The \s is the whitespace you wish to keep.

Now it is not clear if you want to parse along the comma (,) boundary. I will leave that exercise for the young padawan.


And if young padawan has a few Republic credits in his pocket book some time with a Make Hero.

This post might be helpful: