Text String --> Regex --> Collection --> Array in one stop?


I have a string like “A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4”… variable length.

And I created a DataStore in which one column is of the following structure:
RowField1: Type Array
Array of Collection
* CollField1: String
* CollField2: Number

Do I have a way to fill this Array Field directly:

  • from the DataStore Add row
  • or alternatively in just one additional operation
    for example by parsing the string using regex, generating the structure and updating the row field?

Many thanks for your support!

I finally did it with one additional operation:
JSON Parser:

  • Input string: parse it to clear unwanted data
  • Generate collection JSON structure as { key1:value1, key2:value2}
  • Generate JSON array of collections
  • Don’t select a structure in the parser

DataStore AddRow module:

  • In map mode, assign directly the output of the JSON Parser module to the cell supposed to contain the array of collections

Brilliant stuff @Beaver , thanks for sharing the solution with the community! :purple_heart:

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