Thank goodness for this Community!

Hello Makers!

Just introducing myself. Previously, I’ve worked in Customer Service, HR, owned a busy newsagents shop, a village pub, moved from the UK to Spain and during the last 6 years I’ve been an affiliate marketer.

I have several Woocommerce niche websites in the cycling sector where I promote products from many retailers and find there isn’t enough time in the day now when it comes to the need for marketing (especially now that Google’s messing with the algorithm every 2 minutes!). Hence my search for learning and using automation.

Who knows, when I get to grips with all that’s involved, I might have a new change of direction. I have to say, I do love learning…as well as other interests such as plants (especially tropical varieties), animals, beer and cava! :joy:

One day, I hope to be able to contribute to people’s questions here but at the moment, I need all the help I can get! :wink:

Thanks for reading my rather non-developer-non-programmer background.


Heya there @RosG :wave:

Great to meet you! Thanks for joining our community.

Just wanted to jump in and offer you some beginner-friendly resources that might help you initially. :star_struck:

  • Make Academy our educational space with content and lessons for beginners, or slightly advanced users
  • Our Help center with all the documentation and needed info
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Thank you, @vendy - I think I need some education!