The Airtable upsert a record module does not work in my scenario


I have a scenario that takes some records from a Google Sheet and create or update them in Airtable tables.

It does work except when I update a record in my Google Sheet. The update does not show in my Airtable table.

Here is my scenario

I create the records in one base which has 2 tables (one records the car plate, the model and the brand and the other table records the client name and they have linked fields)

In the second base, I have a table which is synchronized with the first base, and I just record in it the arrival date and departure date of the car once on site.

I need help understanding why the updating functionality does not work.


Hi @Laure ,

The trigger module you’re using only fires when a new row is added. That is why updating a record in Google Sheets doesn’t cause an update.

There is another module you can use to trigger your scenario “Watch Changes”, but this does require the Sheets Add-on. More info here:


Thank you @Terry_Hopper

I will look into it.