The operation failed with an error. [404] Nie znaleziono routingu pasującego do adresu URL oraz metody zapytania. (error code: rest_no_route)

Hi I am trying to make a connection with Wordpress to run an automation (when new Wordpress post->post it on Facebook), but I am getting an error when making connection with Wordpress:
I installed a Make plugin in Wordpress, copied API key to Make and set up a Wordpress REST API base url as

Looks like authentication is correct, but after few seconds I got an error with 404 error as on screen attached.

Can you help me how to solve that issue? Should I use different rest API base url?

Welcome to the Make community!

A 404 error means the resource could not be reached. Did you test the URL?

What Rest API base URL did you use?


I am using

How can I test if URL is working? My browser return a response so I assume URL is working, but Make shows 404 error.

Your URL is wrong.

Please follow the format provided below the field when creating a connection:


(see how it ends with .../wp-json/)


URL like this: return 406 error as on attached screen.

How to solve this issue?

Disable all Wordpress plugins, and enable one at a time to see which ones are causing the conflict/blocking of incoming requests.

It is likely a security plugin (like “Wordfence”) or server setting (like “mod_security”) is causing this.


Changing settings of ‘mod-security’ solved that issue. Thanks

No problem, glad I could help!

If you want to learn more about Make, you can read up in the Help Center. I also recommend doing the tutorials in the Make Academy, and learn advanced skills like how to make custom apps to any API in the Make Partner Training Portal - both have certificates for successful completion.


Hi, would you mind sharing what settings you changed? We have a similar issue and this might help.

I have added a manual exception in mod_security settings and my hosting provider help me do it.