TikTok Lead Generation on Make?

I’m looking to add Tiktok as to my services offered

Little did I expect that Make (unlike Zapier and unlike Make does for Facebook) doesn’t not have a direct module for TikTok lead generation.

Yes, I know there is a workaround using webhooks, but nothing for lead gen directly. It’s not like Tiktok is some obscure service. Really disappointed and now I feel like an idiot telling business associates how good Make was.
So now I have to either spend hours trying it to work, outsource it (for $$) or go back to Zapier.

Is it really that hard or time consuming to have created this for Make clients?

Sorry to vent, but it’s frustrating. Of all things, never would have guessed that Make just hasn’t gotten around to it.

Makes me think, what else have they just not gotten around to?

FYI: someone did post “it was being worked on” but that was 7 months ago…

Not even a youtube video on it…

Not a happy camper…

Welcome to the Make community!

I’m sure others would agree that your suggestion is a nice feature to have, since you’re not the first to ask about it on this forum.

1. Development/ Feature Request

Development of integrations are likely prioritised based on popularity, since development time is a limited resource. You’ll have to suggest and help upvote the features you want in the Idea Exchange.

You can also contact support directly. Hopefully they can provide a better explanation than what I’m guessing here.

2. Workarounds

  • A. Generic HTTP module

    If the external service has a Developer API Reference/Documentation then you should be able to integrate the endpoints in Make using the generic HTTP “Make a request” module.

    If the external service allows you to register webhooks, then you can create a trigger to wait for incoming webhook requests in Make using the generic Webhook “Custom webhook” module.

  • B. Create your own custom app

    If an external service doesn’t have an app on Make yet, you can even create your own app + modules easily! See Custom Apps / App Builder


Finally, it is important to do your own research before purchasing or investing time with any product.

You can view the list of apps and modules on this page https://www.make.com/en/integrations, and also learn more about Make using the links provided below:


Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too —


Help Center Basics

Articles & Videos

Feature Requests & Suggestions

Partner & Custom Apps

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Thanks Sam, but unfortunately I have to outsource it. Can’t spend hours trying to figure out something that Make developers should have done months ago.

  1. Development/ Feature Request
    Already been requested, 7 months ago and well, AI took over I guess.

  2. Workarounds
    TT doesn’t make it easy and the make docs show v1.2 (the previous api version)

  3. DYOR
    I did check for a TT app, just didn’t go into details since I never imagined that they would leave out pulling leads. I won’t overestimate make (never name your business a verb, makes google searches fruitless unless you add “formerly integromat” I cringe at how much they paid for the domain…

I apologize if I seem angry, it just frustrating. I really like Make, but IMHO, the screwed the pooch on this one. Lot of lead gen ads being run on TT and they got to come out somehow…ask zapier…

Before I go to fiverr and enter no-mans land, is there someone here that has pulled leads from TT via Make that is willing to provide the service for money?

Hello @TangoBravo :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that TikTok Lead Generation is now available on make.

For more information, see

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First of all…THANK YOU! I appreciate you sending me the notification.

@Make itself, again, THANK YOU for getting around to this. It did cost me $150 to fiverr guy and it never did quite work correctly, but that’s all water under the bridge.

In the words of the Immortal Genius, Homer Jay Simpson, “WhooHoo!”