Tool needed: Merge images into 1

Hello, I am hoping someone knows a tool, or has a creative solution to the challenge I am facing:

  • I want to generate a new image, by combining multiple images side by side.

Each individual image is 1 character, so with multiple images I can create words. For example:
To make the word ‘ZACH’, I need to combine 4 images (Z, A, C, H).

I have the images of all the characters available. I am looking for a tool to generate these images automatically, via Make.
That way I can enter a new word in a Google Sheet, have the image generated via Make and then create a new product page in WooCommerce for that word.

I haven’t found a way to do this in Make yet. Do you guys know of a tool to get this done that can be used with Make? Thanks in advance!


I think the “0CodeKit” app should do the job of extraction


Then add a ‘Text Aggregator’ to combine all extracted letters into 1


Hi @Olly_Ats, with each letter as an image file, I think they want to create a new stitched image that spells out the word horizontally, but in an image format.

Not extract the text from it – the text input is already known.


You’re absolutely right! @samliew

With the right subscription plan, ChatGPT should be able to generate something like that.



Close, the input is a text string (e.g.: “hello”), and a set of existing image files for each letter.



Are there any APIs out there to make a single image output, e.g.:

@Olly_Ats I don’t think OpenAI can even do this, I’ve already explored lots of options :slight_smile:

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