Total Bundles Incorrect in Table B Despite Record Existence

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a project involving two tables in Airtable, and I’m encountering an issue that I could use some help with.

Here’s the setup:

  1. Table A: This is where customers input shipment information, including a unique Shipment ID.This text will be blurred
  2. Table B: This table serves as a consolidated history of all the information from Table A. Entries from Table A are copied here, and Table A is periodically cleared and rewritten in batches.

I’ve set up a process where, whenever I search for a record in Table B, if it doesn’t exist in Table A, a new record is created in Table B. If the record does exist, it’s updated accordingly.

To automate this process, I’m using a webhook in Airtable along with the “search records” module.

The problem I’m facing is that even when a record exists in both Table A and Table B, the “total number of bundles” always shows as zero in Table B. It should actually show as 1, as per my understanding.

I’m stumped on how to resolve this issue. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help.