Transform JSON to text string

I have a ChatGTP node that returns a JSON to me, and this in turn passes it to a JSON node with a structure.

After performing a few operations, I want to transform that entire JSON object into a text string to save it in a log and pass it to another chatgpt node.

No matter how much I’ve searched in the documentation and in the forum I haven’t found how to do this. I think this should be a simple thing since it’s just passing a JSON to a text string.

Does anyone know how to perform this operation?

Do you have the JSON output from ChatGPT module as text? Share your output bundle from ChatGPT. If that’s text you should be able to save it from the output bundle into a data store for example.


I have the output as JSON since after getting the result I iterate on the result to perform operations. I need it to be JSON to perform these operations.

I find it very strange that there is nothing that directly converts a JSON to a string, this is a very common operation

There is another to thread that I put together to show how this could work

Would be nice to have this sort of conversion to string but unfortunately it doesn’t exist yet.