Trello - Find correct list to add card to


I have a form for submitting issues within which the user can choose type of issue. I want to create a card in Trello from the issue but assign it to the correct list.

I can add it to the same card and manually move but struggling to automate the addition to the corerct card.

For example Types could include ‘Account’, ‘Billing’, ‘Error’ and there would be a corresponding list in Trello

I’m trying to use the Get Board Lists action in the Trello module and it’s returning a bundle for each list on my board:

I’m not great on arrays, collections etc. How can I find the List ID where the Name is ‘Account’ or ‘Billing’… ?

Once I have the List ID then I’m okl with creating the card on it.

Thanks in advance

You can add a filter immediately after the “List” module, so that only the bundle with the matching list name will “pass” through to the next module.


Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too —


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Durgh! Thanks Samliew

Classic case of completely overthnking the issue and not seeing the obvious. Appreciate you taking the time to wake me up!!!