Trello Integration <> Pipedrive CRM

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My name is Jonatas and I am just entering this world of automation and possibilities!

I’m facing the challenge of integrating Trello to Pipedrive, specifically, the comments.

All the Trello comments would be forwarded to Pipedrive.

Within the Trello cards, as someone types a comment, that record would go into Pipedrive.

I tried to accomplish this, but, it displays a “Deal ID” error and I can’t complete.

Can someone help me? Thank you very much!

Hey Jonatas,

Welcome to the amazing journey of Automation - you are in for one hell of a joyous ride.

Regarding your scenario, PipeDrive needs to know the deal in which you would like to update the Trello comments. So you will have to add another PipeDrive module (Search Deals) in between Trello and PipeDrive to lookup the deal and then use the Deal ID from that module to update your comments from Trello.

Feel free to ask any followup questions.


WOW! Incredible!

Thank you for the welcome, for your time in responding to me and for sharing your knowledge.

I’ll do the test and let you know, okay?

Thank you so much, happy with your answer!

Sami, just one more question that I’m a layman in the area: Is there any book, course or e-book teaching how to use Make?

I say this because here in Brazil there is very little content in the area.

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