Trying to compare the value of a variable to a datastore

I have a scenario that takes input from a webhook, creates a random 16-digit value, and uses a combination of the webhook value and the 16-digit value to build a URL and email that URL. After the email is sent, the 16-digit value is stored to a Data Store.

This works as expected.

What I’d like to do is compare the 16-digit value created against the table, and repeat the random digit creation Repeater if the value already exists (recognizing it is highly unlikely).

Not sure how I can accomplish this as I can’t filter my #11 node back to #5. Any advice is appreciated!!

Why not just use the {{uuid}} variable so you will guaranteed to never have the same id/link?

You might be able to skip all these steps (if the steps are only for unique URL generation)


That is a fantastic recommendation! Simplified the whole thing for me…thank you!