Trying to post to Instagram when a cell in Google sheet updated

Hello, I intend to do an Instagram post when a certain cell is filled with data in Google sheet, The image URL and Caption are in the Google sheet, the scenario works fine, and post to Instagram, but I don’t want to schedule it every couple of hours or so, I add a new row to sheet with data, and I want to post when a specific cell of the row has been filled with data, I have Installed the Addon on Google sheet, made a Webhook, and added the Webhook URL to the addon as well, but not sure how to proceed to make it work. can I get any help on this, please?

for the working scenario, I followed this video tutorial.

Hey @manou

You should probably be using the ‘Watch Changes’ modules instead, and add a filter for the particular row you want to watch for, for example:

Google Sheets (

And remember to save and activate the scenario after setting it up completely:



Thank you for your reply,
eventually made it work with ‘Watch Changes’ modules, I also have set a filter when a certain cell is filled with data for the hook to work, it works as long as I fill the data manually, but filling data is done with Google Apps script, watch changes does not trigger the new data, so when I double click on the cell that data are in, the trigger works, I manage to make a double click on the cell with google Apps script, but it seems that does not work either,
is there anyway to make this work without a manual work?

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Hey @manou

The ‘Watch Changes’ module will, unfortunately, not be triggered by other automation, it only works when cells are edited manually: