Trying to pull dynamic scripts in from airtable that use variable names from inside (Not Working)

Here’s what we’re looking to achieve:

  1. We’re storing scripts in airtable, like the example below:
    Hey, {{3.memberFirstName}}! Nest:Space here. Just a friendly heads-up, we sent you an email asking for a 5-star Google review.

Once a day we’re pulling ‘Messages To Send’ from airtable, and if a message includes the script above, we’re assuming that it will auto-populate the “memberFirstName” variable (which is pulled from airtable and stored in a ‘Set Variables’ action.

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But it’s not working…
When the text message gets sent out with the above script, it looks EXACTLY like the script above and is not injecting the name even though the variable is pulling the right data.

Here’s what the outgoing text message looks like:
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We’d really love to be able to store the variable information outside of, and then use it when we want in a use case like this…does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?


Hi @Bryan_Valdovinos

Could you kindly clarify the variable workflow, explaining the process of variable data and mapping? This will help in better comprehension and facilitate the identification of any issues more easily.

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Sure, @Msquare_Automation! I’ve attached a couple more screenshots along with my explanations below.

The first set of variables defines our member-related data (First/Last name, Email, Cell Phone, and formatted cell phone to use when sending our text message) from Airtable.

The 2nd set of variables are the scripts in Airatable (Texts, Email Subject & Body scripts)

Ideally, we would like the member variables (e.g {{3.memberFirstName}}) to be implanted (as a mapped field instead of a string) in our scripted message to the user.

Thanks for the help!

With the help of a couple of the coworking space members I work with, we were able to solve this!

One of the changes we made was instead of putting the Make variable in an Airtable cell, we used [[memberFirstName]]. Note: “\” is used to escape the brackets:
Image 2023-07-19 at 12.25.36 PM

Then we used the Make ‘Text Parser - Replace’ tool to grab the script and replace [[memberFirstName]] with the first name variable we set up in the Make scenario:

Here’s an image of the scenario:

Thanks again for the help @Msquare_Automation; I hope you’re able to pass this on in some way in the future!

Hello @Bryan_Valdovinos and welcome to the community :wave:

just wanted to congratulate you on coming up with your own solution with some help from @Msquare_Automation. It is always so inspiring to see Makers figuring out what was wrong and learning about the product.

Keep up the amazing work! :herb:

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