Twitter Legacy Error?

I’m currently attempting to connect to Twitter Legacy V5 in order to access a function allowing me to upload an image and share it using Twitter OAuth 2.0. However, during the setup process for Legacy V5, I encountered an error message.

Could you please assist me with this issue? I’m unsure whether the problem lies with or if it’s an error specific to my account.

I apologize for not including a screenshot, as I’m unfamiliar with computer language and am unsure if it contains any sensitive information.

Thank you for your assistance.

All good, found the answer, i need to both include v5 API key ALSO v6 CLIENT key

Thank you

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Hi @pokpiayoserizal :wave:

I just wanted to say congrats for resolving this one of your own :muscle:

Thank you very much for jumping back here and sharing what did the final trick for you for the benefit of the community. Much, much appreciated :pray:

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