Unable to send email attachment coming from Webhook connected to google form

Hello, seeking kind assistance, as I’m just a newbie in Make. I tried to set up a scenario to collect info and uploaded data/file from Google Form(which is connected to a Webhook). Then automatically email the collected info and uploaded file to captured email address. It’s working when there’s no uploaded file, but I’m getting an error if there’s uploaded file that should be sent & attached to email. thanks in advance.

Hi @KitLee,

I believe the Scan and Upload Field that you are getting from the Webbook is Google Drive ID for the uploaded document, What I will suggest is to have two different path so that you can then use Download a File beforehand to pass that as part of the attachment field, or you can simply use Iterator followed by Array Aggregator, So Something like this should work for you,

  1. After the Webhook Module add an Iterator Module, this will take Scan and Upload Field as Input and will iterate over the uploaded document if any.

  1. Add a Download a File Module of Google Drive, that will take input from the iterator and download the file which we will later use as attachment

  1. Add an Array Aggregator after the last module and then select target datatype as Email Attachment in the Gmail Module, for this to be reflected you need to have an Gmail Module after the array aggregator, Please ensure that Iterator is used as Source Module.

  1. Now for the Send an Email part, go to the last module and basically enable mapping in the attachment field and use output of Array Aggregator as input,

You can try this blueprint for testing as well, so what this does is regardless of whether you have an attachment or not, will send an email.

blueprint (2).json (17.2 KB)


This solution works and email was sent successfully with attachment, however I cannot open the file attachment. It seems there’s something wrong with the captured file name.

Yeah, it seems like the file in question has wrong extension when uploaded.

Can you please double check on Google Drive and see what is the file name there with the complete file extension.


Thanks a lot…really appreciate the assistance.

The scenario now completely working. :star_struck: :+1: :+1:


Hey there @KitLee and welcome to the community :wave:

Glad to hear that you were able to fix your problem with @Runcorn’s amazing help!

FYI: I marked his suggestion as a solution so other members can use it while dealing with similar problems. :sunflower: