Unable to set permissions on a google drive folder

Hey Makers - Loving Make.com but running into issues setting permissions on a new google drive folder I created. My scenario looks up a google drive folder id if it exists, if not creates a new folder, creates a few documents in there then tries to set the permission. All works beautifully except setting the permission on the folder:

I’m passing in:

for permission name it contains:

permission = {
‘type’: ‘user’,
‘role’: ‘writer’,
‘emailAddress’: ‘validgmailaccount@gmail.com’

this doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere. Ideas?

Not sure if it is the best way, but what you can do is use Make an API call to do this,

In Make an API call use,

URL : /v3/files/{{16.id}}/permissions

And, Request Body will be,

    "role": "writer",
    "type": "user",
    "emailAddress": "‘validgmailaccount@gmail.com"

That worked great. You’re amazing. Thank you!

@Make team - would be great to update Make docs to reference this option and using the API vs the permission feature you have listed.

Heya @gTyler welcome to the community :wave:

Also, thanks a lot for the feedback on the docs! I’m passing it on to the team :slight_smile:

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