Update a Notion sales CRM watching Gmail

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I have a sales CRM that is a Notion database with all those fields. the last contact is the msot important to me, with “a relancer le”, which is French for “to follow up on”

There is a page associated with the database item, in it I put information about the client and the list of our interaction. I created a Notion button that puts the date in a bullet point, update the “last contact” field to the date I put in that bullet point, and then I write what the last interaction was, to make sure I store everything.

I want to update everything here with the emails I send and receive. The best thing would be to have the “new interaction” button clicked whenever I receive or send a mail from / to this client, and then after the bullet point ( “content of the mail” in the picture) just have the body of the mail pasted. Maybe it’s impossible, but at least get the last contact updated and get the content of the mail in the page.

Right now I have this flow and have tested a few things. I have created a Gmail folder to put all the emails that are linked to this client database (“Sales écoles” in the picture).

I then try to get the email address because this is a field of my Notion database.

And after that it’s a bit tricky. With the “update a database item”, it seems I can update the last contact field, but I cannot write content for the page.
when I try to do it anyway, I get an error message but I don’t understand why:

Same when I try to update the page, and anyway I don’t know what I can do so it updates the page at the right point (not at the beginning or end, but right after the new interaction button).

Would love your insights thank you very much!

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Have you tried to right-click and run the ‘Update a Database’ module only with a page ID that you know exists? It seems like Notion expects a value for the Page parameter, but it is missing. So are you sure that the Page parameter is filled in?

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Hey Henk,

Thanks so much for your answer, the problem was that the database was not correctly filled with the emails previously.

This is the worfklow now that works, it updates the “last contact” field and append the email content at the end of the page:

Here is the blueprint like you asked
blueprint.json (160.5 KB)

Now there are 1 issue that is tough for me to solve, I’ve tried ChatGPt but it does not know Make a lot:

  • When it appends the content of the email, it goes at the end of the page. I wanted it to go right under the button “new interaction” in “history of interaction” block, to have it reverse chronologically.

How can I decide where it goes on the Notion page? In the append module, I can’t seem to find a way to put where it should go