Updating a cell in Google Sheets

Looking for the solution to the following issue, any tips would be much appreciated:

The desired workflow:

Mailhook is triggered when a specific type of email is received. The subject of this email contains a specific file name.
The corresponding row within a Google Sheet is found by matching it to the file name in the email subject line.
Once the corresponding row is found, a specific cell from that row is selected to be updated. The existing value in this cell comes from a conditional formatting rule.
That selected cell should be updated to another value within the conditional formatting rule.

:exclamation:The problem:

The recurring error message seems to be Runtime Error “400: INVALID_ARGUMENT - Unable to parse range: ‘July’!In Review”

The first steps of the scenario work fine without any issues but as soon as the scenario reaches the “Get a Cell” step, the same error message persists.

Context: The main objective of this scenario is to automate the invoice approval process. Once an invoice is received, approval is requested from the corresponding reviewer via the google drive file approval feature. What is meant to trigger this scenario is the automated email sent from google once a file is approved. This email contains the words “Approval complete” and also the file name in the subject line. We then want to find a specific row within a google sheet by matching the file name from the email to our Google Sheet were all of our invoices are documented. In this google sheet there is an Approval column which is meant to display the approval status of the document. By default, the cells under this column will display “In Review” and what we want to automate is to change that cell to “Approved” once the document is approved.

My doubts:

Is it even necessary to have the “List Sheets” step? I added it as I thought it would help solve the issue but clearly it hasn’t.

What would be the best way to go about updating a specific cell? Clearing it and then updating it or simply updating it? (Considering that the value in the cell is obtained from a conditional formatting rule.)

See below screenshots for reference:

image (8)

image (8)

Hi @Luis_Piamonte

I noticed that there’s an error in the way you’ve mapped the data in the “Get a Cell” section. The correct format for the “Cell” should be K3, K4.

To resolve this problem, please update the mapping for the “Cell” field accordingly.

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Thank you, that worked!