Upload file from baserow


Having trouble with Baserow. I made an API call which returns an XML I am parsing. The last step is to upload the XML in baserow wich I don’t succeed. Here is the flow :

The fact is that it is succeeding when running but the database stays empty. My last request is this one :

Here is the input :

It seems to be ok with the API documentation of baserow but nothing happens.

Somebody have any idea of what’s going wrong ?

Looks like the data of the file is not mapped properly in the HTML module. Just map the data from XML module and it should work seamlessly.

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Thanks for the answer. I had a problem with the token first I generate a new one but still doen’t work. I’m not sure to understand the point :

In the xml module I just put response from the World Bank API :


Next I just call the parsed output to post it in Baserow :

When I run the flow I get a status 200 so the flow itself seems ok now but no data posted in the DB.


It should post the data from the output of Parse XML module as I’m calling it ?

Yes, because you can clearly see that the Data output is not in the correct format; hence it not going through the next module.

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So concretly have you an exemple to help me deal with it beaucause I really don’t find the solution right now.

Thanks for the help.

@Olivier_B You have the File key set to “Content-Type” while it probably should be called “file”. Also you’re name doesn’t look correct, it’s not a string but a collection. Make sure you map that properly.
Then make sure the file you are trying to upload, is actually correct data. Instead of using these XML objects try sending a txt/csv file first with harcoded values. Then if that works, you know the current file you are trying to upload does not work.