Uploading Dropbox Files - Some Syncing others not

I’ve been using this scenario for a couple of years to collate and save a number of PDF’s down into (at most) 4. (full Scenario for Reference)

In 4 different places within this scenario, a new combined PDF file gets uploaded into Dropbox and then a link of that file added into Monday.com for us to download later. And that’s how we’ve been using it. However, I realised we can just use the file saved in the folder (duh!) to send to our clients, but have noticed only one syncs to our dropbox. Here’s the one that does work:

And here is the one that doesn’t:

Apart from the name, all of the other settings remain the same. All other files we save form other modules sync in our dopbox, it’s just from this scenario. Here they are online:

And here on the computer:

My drobox isn’t full, this has happened on all of the runs to date. My computer isn’t full, same again.

Any ideas?

Hi @Jessica_Gwynne - welcome to the Community!

Could it be the colon in the file name?

See the list of Windows reserved characters here. The colon is normally used as part of a drive specifier.

That’s perfect David - i couldn’t see the forest for the trees on that one. All fixed!

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