User login outside the Make platform


I would like to know if there is a solution to the following problem:
When I integrate YouTube into a Make scenario to download a video, for example, I need to have

  • Customer ID (unique)
  • Id Secret (unique)
  • Api Key (from msquare API, same key for all customer who use our application)
    Then, an OAuth2 consent page appears and asks me to choose the Google account I want to use to download the video.

What do we do when we don’t have the user’s Google login information but want to integrate it into the Make scenario?

We’re a company that wants to offer an automation solution to several hundred of its customers.

We will have one scenario per customer.

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Nobody have a suggestion please ?

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You need a master scenario for this with slight coding in
I have created such master scenarios where same scenario work for multiple clients without creating connections.

It cannot be explained here as its really vast. Let me know if you wanna outsource.

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Thanks @Princy for your response.

Could I have some documentation?
We’re not afraid of code - we’re a company of developers at heart.
We were wondering whether we should start using the make CLI, for example, so that we could delve deeper into the subject.
We imagined one scenario per customer, but if you say it’s possible to have a master scenario, why not?

Thanks again for your feedback :grinning:,

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Yes it’s totally possible i have done such scenarios for 5-6 of my clients…

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Hello @Princy and thank you for your feedback.

Would it be possible to have a procedure for implementing this solution?

Thanks in advance and have a nice Sunday!