Using HTTP moduls with Revolut

Hey guys,
I am trying to connect to our Revolut business account. Now I know that there is a revolut business app but it only allows me to create draft payments and I want to use http module. If nothing else, then because it will allow me to create a switch for country codes which the native one doesn’t.
Has anyone managed to connect them together? Because I am really struggling.

Welcome to the Make community!

Make doesn’t have a module for the endpoint you want to call.

If the external service has a Developer API Reference/Documentation then you should be able to integrate the endpoints in Make using the app’s universal module (Make an API call) or generic HTTP “Make a request” module.

You can also suggest for it to be made in the Idea exchange. Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.

If you need assistance in setting up the app’s universal module, or the generic HTTP module, please provide additional information about what you have tried with regards to the external service’s Developer API Reference – how you are setting the connection up, a link to the endpoint are you trying to connect to, and what errors you are encountering.


It’s not that I am specifically running into any issues. I am just not sure how to proceed so i was wondering if anyone can help.
However i am struggling a bit between what to use based on the documentation from Revolut and what is what in Make?