Using HTTP (or alternative) to connect with Google Index API

Hey everyone!

I want to to connect to the Google Index API with the help of MAKE.

Currently I am doing it with a local Python Script that I have written with the help of their Documentation

But I really want to bring this over to Make, as I have already another Workflow that is connecting to the Google Search Engine API. That was much easier and pretty straight forward because of the Guide how to set everything up in the MAKE docs.

The problem that I have is that you have to create a service account for the Index API and you get a JSON file with lots of different information it. It uses some sort of certification and a pretty long private key.

I would love to figure out a way to get this into MAKE to make my life easier.

Hope anyone can help. It’s working on my local script perfectly, so everything is set up, but somehow there must be a way to get it online.

I also take any pointers to bring the script online and use webhooks or whatever way comes to mind. Thanks so much in advance!

Hello @Lars :raised_hands: I am an AI Bot. Let me analyze your message.

Thanks for your post! To help you get started with connecting to the Google Index API with MAKE, can you provide more information about the service account you created and the JSON file you received? That would be very helpful!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Can you share the API docs for this certification flow? Usually, you need to post some keys back to a new URL to retrieve an access token.

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This would be the example that I have used

It requests the json file that I have tagged in the original post

I do not how to authorize it without the file. Or even with file where to put it and how to call it from a workflow.