Using OpenAi with Airtable, Google Drive and Make to automate blog posting


I was hoping someone could help me with this question? The scenario image is from a video ( I saw on blog posting. I tried reaching out to the creator but he hasn’t gotten back to me; so I hoping someone here could help?

I understand the workflow of the scenario but; I was wondering would it be possible to add Google Drive Folder or File to the scenario?

When prompted; Chatgpt would go to a particular folder or file and incorporate items found within. Then as instructed/prompted would place into the blog post that it’s currently creating? Basically, this would be additional pics, graphs, charts, etc. Chatgpt would add to the blog post.

Looking at the image or watching the video; does anyone know if this would or could be possible? Does anyone have any suggestions on where I would place the Google Drive module?

And would the same sequence have to be repeated each time when prompted within the workflow in order for Chatgpt to understand it needs to go locate the Google Folder or File in order to complete given task?

I’m not sure if the HTTP module or if the Google Drive Share Link module is what is needed or not? I could be completely wrong. :slight_smile:

So sorry for the long post. Thank you for your help; I really do appreciate it.


If you want images for each paragraph in the body, you’ll need to insert somewhere after module [11], a Text Parser “Match Pattern” module to split the body into paragraphs first.

Then Google Drive “Search for Files/Folders” to return a list of images in a Google Drive folder, and Google Drive “Download a File” for each image in there?

I’m not sure what blog software you’re using, but I’m sure you’ll need to upload the image into your server before you can link/attach it to your blog body.

Finally, you need to use a Text Aggregator module to combine the updated paragraphs with linked images into a new blog body, before saving it back into Airtable[9]