Validation failed: Bundle Validation Error

Hey guys, I have this scenario that seems to finally be working fine, but at the end, I get this error and I am not sure what it means. Anyone can help?

The error message you’re encountering, “Validation failed for one parameter(s) >Collection can’t be converted to text for parameter ‘value’”, indicates that there’s an issue with the data type being passed to a specific parameter, likely in an API call or a module that requires a specific format for input.
Type Conversion: If the parameter indeed expects a text value, ensure that any numeric or other non-text values are properly converted to text using functions like TEXT() or CONVERT() .
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Thanks boss I will contact you

Hello @Pro_Tanvee and @Carlos_Adell happy Friday :sunny:

Great to see that you’re working on figuring out the solution!

Since you might be taking the conversation elsewhere, could you maybe come back in once you have everything figured out and share a brief description of what did the trick for you?

Thanks to that, folks looking for similar information in the future will be able to learn from what you figured out.

Thanks a lot :open_hands:

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Thanks, Michaela! We didn’t find the solution to the problem unfortunately

I see, thanks a lot for the update, Carlos :pray:

Let’s see if someone else from the community maybe has any ideas or suggestions, then :crossed_fingers:

This is an older thread, I understand. I just arrived with the exact same error. Were you @Carlos_Adell ever able to find a solution? If not, if you don’t mind me asking, what was your workaround?

Disregard. I just figured it out. I was grabbing the collection name and not the value.

So, I was grabbing this →

Then I realized missing information, so I changed it to this →

Funny how things work out. I spent the last few hours trying to figure this out. I even walked away, as that sometimes helps clear my head. Ironically, no sooner did I post my question than it came to me. :blush:

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