Value not passed ....anyone seen this?


I have a problem probably best described with a video. here it is

Watchtime 3 mins on normal speed. Any help insight appreciated

Hi. In the video I can’t see very well your Formula. But you can try simplify the formule to test it and let only the search for email. If it works, you can try rebuild the entire formula to include the rest of the request in the Airtable.

Thanks, Helio!
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Thanks for the response. I’ve attached the formula but even when I simplify it to just email, it doesn’t pass the value. Very confusing


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Here is a quick fix

I can see that the Email you mapped in the Airtable Search module is part of the Customer output from the HTTP module and that the Customer output is in an Array format. Hence the module is not able to capture the email from the previous array.

Here is the fix.

Use the following formula to get the email id mapped in Airtable.

AND({Contract Status}=‘Contract Signed’, {Email}=‘{{get(map(; “email”); 1)}}’)

Just copy paste it and try to run the entire scenario. It will work.


Thanks @Manish_GrowwStacks

Doesn’t seem to work. If I run and enter the email address it states that ‘’ is not a valid array. I’ve just pasted what you sent, I try to play around with the email part but couldn’t get it to work. What am I doing wrong here please? I appreciate your time.


Yes, slightly wrong, remove the email mapping and just type email through the keyboard.


Still missing something it seems


I think I have fixed this.

The values coming from the HTTP Module were actually (or should have been )collections. The module before that was should have been searching and finding one mandate was flawed and so it returned all mandates and therefore produced an array. This had a knock on effect so the customer module was returning multiple customers.

All sems to be working Ok so no need for a meeting. Appreciate your time though, it forced me to look in the right direction.

Heya @currently.jason :wave:

Thanks a lot for stepping back in and for letting the community know how you managed to solve this. We 100% appreciate it :pray:

Keep up the great work!

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