Variable WooCommerce order meta data to Google Sheets column

Hello everyone, I know that slightly similar topics have been discussed in the past, but I was unable to manage what I want to do based on past discussions and tutorials. So I need to post this and I hope to receive some help to proceed.

My goal is to transfer order data made in WooCommerce into Google Sheets. Simple. I use WooCommerce (Watch Orders) and Google Sheets (Add a row).

I use two payment gateway providers; Stripe and Paypal. On WooCommerce these gateways provide me with a ‘fee’ and ‘payout’ amount like below:


I want my scenario to transfer the fee and payout data into their respective columns as they are.

For Paypal, the information can be found here:

For Stripe, the information can be found here:

I am uncertain on how to use Map function to solve this. In addition, the placement of the data on a different position in the meta data array makes me think I should use an IF statement for the ‘payment method’ field and then proceed to collect the correct meta data position with the map function. Is this logic correct? Can someone help me articulate it? Am I going to use it straight into the Google Sheet ‘add a row’ tool? Clearly, I’m not a dev.

Hello :blob_wave:,

You can extract the values with the combination of “get” and “map” functions.
The technique is described in this support document.

In your case, the Stripe payment formula might look as in the picture below.

I hope it helps.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: